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    Sales and Maintenance of all fire fighting and related equipment
    Fire Extinguishers, Hose Reels and Accessories, Hydrants, Fire Extinguishers
    Fire Fighting, Personal Protective Equipment, Nozzles, Cabinets, Trolley Units
    Signage, Vehicle Brackets, Smoke Detectors, Super Sound, Fire Blanket,
    Veld Fires, Lay Flat Hoses, Basic Fire Training, Key Boxes
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    All fire detection, fire supression and integrated systems
    Clean Agent, Inert Gas, Water Mist and More...
    Detection Panels
    CFP 2-8 Zone LPCB Fire Panel | ZFP
    EP203 Automatic Extinguisher Panel Quantec Addressable Call System
    Redetec with Point Detection

    Fire Detectors
    Linear Heat Detection Cable | Air Sampling Smoke detection
    Smoke detectors & Bases
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    Fire Sprinkler Systems Installation
    Maintenance of existing fire protection systems
    Fire Hydrant and Hose reel Reticulation
    Deluge Water Spray Systems
    Fire Water Supply Pumping Plant and Storage Tanks
    Water Supply, Flow and Pressure Testing
    Initial Planning, Consulting and Cost Estimating
    Design and Preparation of Fabrication and Installation Plans
    Fabrication and Installation
    Project Management, Administration and Commissioning
    Service and Maintenance

Hero's Fire Protection Services

Sales and maintenance of all fire fighting and related equipment

The importance of fire appliances has become obvious and therefore has been legislated (act. 29 of 1993).
Hero's fire protection services cc (hfps) has become one of the leading groups in this field. Hero's Fire Protection Services Specializes in the following:
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