About Hero's Fire Protection Services CC


Hero's Fire Protection Services CC was founded in 1999 by Hennie Appel. Hennie is highly motivated and business orientated, he realized the importance of fire equipment and the fact that it has been legislated (Act 29 of 1993). He took the idea and ran with it. Hero's Fire Protection Services CC has become one of the leading groups in this field and is proudly South African.


  • Our company motto is that Hero's Fire Protection Services CC strives to achieve a 110% customer satisfaction.
  • We strive to achieve perfection in whatever we do
  • We take pride in ourselves and our work
  • We aim to have respectful relationships between our clients and ourselves


  • All members of hfps have sworn to take on any task in good faith.
  • The management will make sure that all employees are competent to carry out their given tasks
  • The management will empower employees to make correct and firm decisions
  • All employees will be checked on/at random and tested for capabilities on a regular basis.


  • all technicians have had indepth inhouse training, experience and have further been awarded with certificates from all the required institutions.


  • Close Corporation 2000/057524/23
  • VAT reg. no: 4360191920
  • B-BBEE status level 4 contributor dti urn no.3637701
  • Workman’s Compensation Fund Reg no: 990000708121
  • Public liability cover Outsurance Facility no: OT17170784 value R3 000 000-00
  • SABS 6583/9739
  • 3x SAQCC-Fire 1475
  • 6x SAQCC-Fire Gas Suppression Level 3 Commissioner
  • 6x SAQCC-Fire Fire Detection Level 4 Commissioner
  • 6x Wagner Aspirating Detection
  • 6x Sevo Novec 1230 Fire Suppression Sales and Design
  • FPA (Fire Protection Association of Southern Africa)
  • Action Training Academy (KZN)
  • 3x Fire Stopping Certification
  • Associated with ASIB Listed Installers
  • Associated with SASTA Listed Installers
  • Associated with Seta Listed Installers